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Marketing/Advertising Agency

Add science to your art to build a stronger connection between customers and brands.

Often, research isn’t high on a creative team’s priority list. On the contrary, many perceive it as the fastest way to shut down the creative process. That’s unfortunate because well-done research actually makes the process more fruitful.

We work with marketing and advertising agencies across the country, and we understand how our work helps make your work better – not by setting rules and building boxes for you to create within, but by uncovering key insights for your target customer.

You’re able to set your client’s brand apart, while making sure your message is relevant to the product and has meaning for the customer. When supported by research, your recommendations are no longer a matter of preference; instead, they are based on what resonates with the target audience.

Sample Service Offerings:

  • Concept Testing
  • Brand Awareness and Positioning
  • Package Design Testing
  • Advertising Effectiveness/Creative Testing
  • Competitive Intelligence Studies

Learn more about how we can add “science” to your creative process through our qualitative and quantitative research solutions.